Author: dani R.

Culturally Sensitive Communication

Download PDF Culturally Sensitive Communication Professionals in education are increasingly dealing with children with diverse cultural backgrounds, such as youngsters with a migration or refugee background. Providing this group with adequate support requires an understanding of behaviours or reactions that stem from cultural experiences and forms of culturally sensitive communication. This article explores the most […]

Answering Children’s Curiosity About Family Diversity

Download PDF Answering Children’s Curiosity About Family Diversity The traditional family model of fathers and mothers who generate and raise their sons and daughters is no longer the majority. Family diversity is common in the classroom. Nowadays, there are many other ways of becoming a family. A family does not depend on its composition but […]

Wellness for teachers facing children with ACEs

Download PDF Wellness for teachers facing children with ACEs A career in teaching consists of relationships. A teacher’s work is predominantly defined by the quality of their connection with their pupils. Children who suffer from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can be very demanding from a relationship point of view. The maintenance of the emotional and […]

Poverty Awareness in Teaching

Download PDF Poverty Awareness in Teaching Although poverty has been featured as a concern for children’s lives for several years, efforts have been largely unsuccessful in approaching it. The influence poverty can have on education is well documented, but the explanations for it can vary tremendously. However, these reasons can impact classroom techniques and approaches […]

Intersectionality in Educational Spaces

Download PDF Intersectionality in Educational Spaces It used to be that individual factors (a student’s personality, lack of motivation, lack of parental support) were blamed for a student’s struggling academic performance. It is only recently that schools have realised the grave impact that contextual factors have on student achievement. Included in these elements are systems […]

Gender and Sexuality Diverse (GSD) Youth in Schools

Download PDF Gender and Sexuality Diverse (GSD) Youth in Schools Gender and Sexuality Diverse (GSD) youth have continuously experienced marginalisation due to their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE). That these negative experiences continue to be reported in their schools is particularly troubling, given the amount of time these teens spend in these […]

When Extra Accompaniment or Curricular Adaptations are Needed

Download PDF When Extra Accompaniment or Curricular Adaptations are Needed Some children who suffered adverse situations at an early age may later present difficulties in executive functions, particularly affecting sustained attention, organisation, and planning. Issues such as writing down tasks in a diary or carrying them out according to specific guidelines can be hard work […]

Updating Classic Homework Assignments

Download PDF Updating Classic Homework Assignments Homework should foster respect for diversity and be sensitive to each child’s life story. Reviewing some classic concepts and tasks to achieve this goal is necessary. Some of the changes required so that all students feel welcome and included in the classroom involve using appropriate language, revising libraries and […]

Family Diversity at School

Download PDF Family Diversity at School Family diversity is a reality in school and society. A school must respect the different ways of being a family and in an active way. That means making it easier for all children to see their family models reflected and validated in the school environment. Such steps will facilitate […]