Category: Changes and transitions

Transition planning

Download PDF Transition planning Some children find change difficult. Adults can help support children manage change by scaffolding the process and supporting the child’s emotional well-being. The adults around the child may want to consider using a transition plan to help with the process. As part of a positive transition, it is important to show […]

Goodbyes and Transitions

Download PDF Goodbyes and Transitions Here are some additional ideas and tools to help support Adopted and Care Experienced young people say goodbye. These tools are used when saying goodbye to school/moving schools or saying goodbye to key and important people. They are really practical and creative strategies for teachers to use to help children […]

Transition to Secondary School

Download PDF Transition to Secondary School Starting a new school, or moving from primary to secondary education, especially if it involves a change of centre, can be an overwhelming time for any child. It can be particularly difficult for adopted children and those living in foster families or residential care. Actions such as allowing them […]